Corporate Profile

Next-Gen Lifestyle Brand

Tron is a telecommunications group and Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that offers revolutionary borderless voice, data and other value-added services. In Malaysia, Tron received its full-fledged Network Service Provider (NSP) license from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) in 2011.

As a lifestyle brand for next-generation users, Tron – which stands for ‘Technology Revolution On-Net’ – was created from a desire and vision to connect the world at very affordable costs by facilitating customers’ digital and mobile lifestyles.

The brand’s main goal is to build an expanding global community of ‘Tronians’ who enjoy a global lifestyle without borders.

A Service Too Good to Resist

Tron officially launched its commercial service in October 2011 – generally serving the markets in Malaysia. Tron’s beliefs are simple: To consistently provide incredible benefits and practical services as well as giving value-added rewards such as special incentives and promotions.

We are proud to be the first telecom company in Malaysia to provide unconditional 365-day validity for top-ups, something that market yet to offer. This means that with Tron, customers can remain connected for full one year every time when they reload – a Deal that eliminates the need in the market.

Additionally, Tron also offers lower call rates and data packages. Why paying more? Tron provides a wide range of data packages starting from MYR 1 that serve the right customer. What’s more? Tron is also focusing on offering special promotions to our customers, one of the highlight is Tron to Tron free call. This rewarding promotion allows customers to stay connected with their loved ones totally Free of Charge!

One of Tron’s target achievements is to venture its business into a new technology sector – Internet of Things (IoT). Tron’s GPS Tracker Kids Phone is the first initiative project that uses our services to stay connected with the device, allowing the customers’ kids to contact them easily during an emergency. With this tracker and our services, our customers can put their hearts at ease as they keep tabs on their kids’ current location and monitor their previous adventures.

Greatness that Never Stops

At Tron, the employees work very hard to innovate on value-added services and offerings to provide their customers with even more perks and rewards. By collaborating with partners such as airlines, hotels, restaurants and other merchants, Tron’s customers can enjoy endless promotions and exclusive discounts. There are Tron Points to be earned for every single purchase and all Tron Points are redeemable for discount vouchers or Tron reloads.

Tron is currently revamping its retail strategy to better serve the needs of a rapidly expanding Tronian community. Recently, it has added Tronexus Global Sdn. Bhd. to its portfolio. Tronexus runs a referral program module powered by Tron and is chosen by NGOs as the telco to work along. This new addition to the Tron family has started making great moves in the market. In fact, both Tron and Tronexus are now the chosen telcos by most NGOs in the country. In collaboration with these NGOs, we are contributing back to our society through various CSR programs. This is because Tron does not only focus on the ‘bottom-line’, we would like to enrich the society around us as well.

In addition, Tron has not forgotten to consistently improve our products, marketing and customer service, to ensure our customers satisfaction are always met. Tronians believe that most of the groundwork done today is to build a better and more aggressive Tron for tomorrow.