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The CSR Malaysia Program is a program that discuss intentional social responsibility corporate of company. As Talk Focus had done numerous CSR to contribute back to the society in the past events. Therefore, YBhg Dato’ Sri Dr. Eric Yap, President of Talk Focus Sdn Bhd was invited to CSR Malaysia Program.

At Talk Focus Sdn Bhd, we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a way by which we fill our roles and responsibilities within our community. Together, we can contribute positively to our society and environment and build sustainable communities over time. Talk Focus had been doing quite a number of charities to old folks, disable, and orphanage. Besides that, Talk Focus is giving out 10% of profit to charity.

Dato’ Sri Dr. Eric Yap said that “when you do something good to the society, you will gain something good as return” which motivated Dato’ Sri Dr. Eric Yap to keep on doing CSR to devote back to the society.

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