Frequently Asked Questions

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General Tron Questions

  1. Who is Tron?

    Tron stands for ‘Technology Revolution On-Net’. We are a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) run by Talk Focus Sdn Bhd.

  2. How can I contact Tron direct

    You may contact 1300 800 188, 7am-12am daily

  3. Why do other mobile operators share the same 011 prefix?

    The 011 prefix is shared by a number of mobile operators. Your Tron number will be between 011-16760000 to 011-16799999, and 011-20000000 to 011-20499999

  4. Why does my mobile network provider display ‘DiGi’ instead of ‘Tron’?

    As an MVNO, Tron leverages on DiGi’s infrastructures and systems. For some mobile phones, it may show ‘DiGi’ instead of ‘Tron’.

Loss & Damages

  1. What do I do if my SIM card is lost or damaged?

    Please contact Customer Service at 014-3376666 and report your lost SIM card. This will suspend your mobile services and prevent any loss of your Tron Talktime.

  2. How can I replace my lost or damaged SIM card?

    For a fee of RM10, you can get a SIM replacement at Tron’s Concept Store, which can be found here.

  3. Can I retrieve lost/damaged data from my SIM card?

    Unfortunately not. Please backup your SIM data regularly to prevent any data loss.

My Tron Portal

  1. How do I activate my My Tron login for the first time?

    a) Log on to and click ‘First Time Login’

    b) Key in your mobile number, captcha code and click submit c) You will then receive a One Time Password (OTP) via SMS from 78888 d) Key in your One Time Password (OTP) and enter your preferred password e) Update your profile (remember to key in your valid e-mail) f) Your My Tron portal is then activated.


  1. How do I view my current bill with transaction details?

    After you login to the portal, click ‘My Account’, then ‘e-Billing’. Please note that e-Billing is updated on a daily basis.

  2. Can I view itemised bills for previous months?

    Yes, the itemized bill shows the latest 3 months usage.

  3. Can I receive my bill through mail?

    No, Tron does not practice mailing any hard copy bills out to our Subscribers. Please log in to Tron portal to view your bills.

Accounts & Settings

  1. What are the requirements to purchase a new Tron SIM?

    You must be aged 12 or above.

  2. How do I activate my new Tron SIM?

    a) Make a first call from your phone to any valid number

    b) You will then receive a welcome SMS from 2900 c) Your new Tron SIM is then activated.
  3. How do I switch over to Tron and what are the requirements?

    If you would like to switch from another mobile provider, please visit our Switch to Tron page.

  4. What is a PUK code?

    PUK stands for PIN Unlocked Key. If you have enabled PIN lock, you will be requested to enter your PIN when you switch on your mobile phone. If a wrong PIN is entered more than 3 times, your SIM will be locked and the PUK code is required to unlock it. If the PUK code is entered wrongly for 10 times, your SIM is locked permanently and a new SIM card is needed.

  5. How do I retrieve my PUK code?

    The PUK is printed on the SIM card frame. Alternatively you can also contact our Customer Service personnel for help, or visit our Tron Concept Stores.

  6. Can I transfer my Tron SIM to another person?

    No, unfortunately all Tron numbers are not allowed to perform change of ownership.

  7. What are the APN settings, or how to enable GPRS for my phone?

    Android Phones

    Name : Tron Internet APN: diginet Proxy: Port: Username: Password: Server: MMSC: MMS Proxy: MMS Port: MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0 MCC: 502 MNC: 16 Authentication Type: PAP APN Type: default , supl (Others, blank) Tron MMS, APN: digimms username: mms password: mms Proxy: Port: 80 MMSC: servlets/mms MMS Proxy: MMS Port: 80 MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0 MCC: 502 MNC: 16 Authentication Type: PAP APN Type: mms

    Symbian Phones

    Depending on which model you are using, these settings may vary slightly: Menu > Connectivity > Destinations > Access Point > Add new Access point You can then enter your carrier’s settings for data. To set up your MMS manually: Menu > Messaging > Options > Settings > Multimedia Messaging You can then enter your carrier’s settings for MMS.

    iPhone (unlock unit) < iOS 4.3.3

    1. Select Settings 2. Select General 3. Select Network 4. Select Cellular Data Network 5. Under Cellular Data Option APN: diginet Username: Password: 6. Under MMS Option APN: digimms Username: mms Password: mms MMSC: MMS Proxy: MMS Max Message Size: MMS UA Prof URL: 7. Click Network Tab to save

    Windows Mobile 7 Phones

    1. Click the Start (menu) button 2. Choose Settings from the program list 3. Scroll down and click Cellular 4. Click on the Edit APN Button to set APN: diginet Username: Password:

Tron Talktime

  1. What is Tron Talktime?

    Tron Talktime is the credit available in your Tron SIM account for Voice, SMS, MMS and Data.

  2. How long is my Talktime valid for?

    Tron Talktime is valid for 365 days.

  3. When does my Tron credit or Tron Talktime expire?

    The expiry details are shown in the following Account Life Cycle chart: Account Life Cycle

    i. Tron Talktime is active for 365 days upon first call, reload or transfer. ii. 7 days before the 365 day expiry period, you will receive an SMS reminder. iii. Your account will be suspended for ninety (90) days after your Talktime validity expires (R2-R1). However, you are still able to receive incoming calls, SMS and MMS. iv. You will receive another SMS reminder seven (7) days prior to account termination. If you fail to reload during this suspension period, your account will be terminated.
  4. How do I reload my Tron Talktime using a reload card or through online reload?

    a) Option 1 – Key in *123*<coupon number># , then press call or send

    Example : Key in *123*<coupon number># , then press call or send b) Option 2 – Call 014 669 9999 from your Tron mobile and follow the instructions given. c) Option 3 – UMB Reload:
    • Step 1 : Key in *129# and press call or send
    • Step 2 : Select 2 for reload
    • Step 3 : Enter voucher number and press call or send
  5. How do I check my Tron Talktime credit balance?

    Key in *129*1*2# and press call or send.

  6. How do I perform a Tron Talktime transfer via mobile phone?

    Via UMB (USSD Menu Browser) menu

    a) Key in *129# and press call b) Select 5 and press reply c) Select the amount to be transferred d) Enter recipient’s mobile number e) Press 1 to confirm
  7. What are the Talktime transfer amounts and what are the charges?

    The transfer amounts and minimum credit requirements in the sender’s account can be found here.

Family & Friends

  1. How do I add numbers into my ‘Family & Friends’ list?

    You can add up to 12 Tron numbers and 3 non Tron numbers into your list. To register, please follow the instructions below:

    i. Key in *129# ii. Select 4 for Friends and Family iii. Select 1 for (Tron numbers) or select 2 for (non Tron numbers) iv. Select 88 to add number v. Key in mobile number (e.g. 01xxxxxxxxx)
  2. Can I change the numbers in my Family & Friends list? If yes, what are the charges?

    Yes, you are allowed to have 5 free complimentary changes – 4 Tron numbers and 1 non Tron number. Any subsequent change of numbers will be charged at RM2.00 each.

  3. How do I remove the numbers on my Friends and Family list?

    Follow the instructions below:

    i. Key in *129# ii. Select 4 for Friends and Family iii. Select 1 for (Tron numbers) or select 2 for (non Tron numbers) iv. Select phone number v. Select 1 to delete


  1. Can I deactivate my Voicemail and Missed Call Activation (MCA) with Tron? If yes, how do I perform this?

    Yes, both can be deactivated.

    i. Key in *129# ii. Select 6 for Mobile Services iii. Key in 3 for Voicemail iv. Select 1 for Service and Package v. Select 3 to Deactivate Voicemail/Visual Voicemail vi. Select 1 to Confirm
  2. Does Tron have any 3G Video Call?

    No, not at the moment.

  3. What is the Pay As You Use (PAYU) Internet data connection?

    The PAYU Internet data connection is part of the service as a default, if you are using data on your Tron SIM, you will be charged accordingly as “Pay As You Use” rates with conditions as stated in the Subscriber Terms & Conditions (Clause 5.10). If you wish to disable this function, you may call the Data and Voice Customer Careline (014 337 6666) or disable it via your phone settings.

Tron Dealz

  1. What is Tron Dealz?

    Tron Dealz is a discount program exclusive to only Tron customers. Participating outlets range from F & B, retail to entertainment products and services. Claim and enjoy endless merchant perks with unbelievable promotions. Look out for the Tron logo in any outlet for Tron Dealz.

  2. What if I fail to redeem the purchased e-Vouchers from Tron Dealz website within its validity period?

    The Tron Dealz e-Vouchers purchased will be forfeited.

  3. What if I did not receive the SMS/MMS e-voucher after making a purchase from the Tron Dealz website with my credits?

    You can resend the SMS/MMS e-voucher from the Tron Dealz’s dashboard menu after you login.


  1. What is Tronfone?

    Tronfone is a fixed wireless phone operating on GSM/UMTS (SIM card) networks.

  2. Is Tronfone free?

    No, however Tron customers are entitled to purchase Tronfone with a special discount voucher.

  3. How can I get this Tronfone once I’m a Tron customer?

    You can purchase it at Tron Concept Stores.

  4. What are the advantages of a Tronfone compared to a fixed line phone?

    i. No monthly rental cost incurred

    ii. Does not require any phone cables iii. Can receive and send SMS
  5. Does it have warranty period?

    Yes, it has 1 year service warranty period from the date of purchase.

  6. Can I purchase the Tronfone without signing up with Tron?

    No, you must subscribe to Tron’s prepaid SIM package that comes with the Tronfone Cash Voucher of RM 100.00.