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A) General Enquiry
1) Who is Tron?
Tron stands for “Technology Revolution On-Net”- It is the brainchild of Talk Focus Sdn Bhd, which is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).
2) Does 011 belong to Tron?
No, 011 is a prefix for all mobile operators, Tron 011 numbering block is based on a specific range allocated by the regulator.
3) Upon inserting the new Tron SIM card into my smartphone, why does the signal bar shows Digi instead of Tron as the service provider?
Because Tron as a service provider is leveraging on Digi’s network to provide network access, you may see “Digi” as the network provider ID when you insert your Tron SIM card into certain smartphone.
4) What are the requirements to purchase a new Tron SIM?
You must be aged 12 and above.
5) How much is the Tron starter pack?
Tron starter pack is retailing at RM9.
6) What is the preloaded talktime for the starter pack?
The preloaded talktime is RM3.
7) What is Tron customer careline numbers and its operating hours?
Tron customer careline number is 1300 800 188 and its operation hours is from 10am to 7pm daily.
8) What is Tron customer careline call rate?
RM0.30 per minute from Tron number, for other networks, normal Telco rates apply.
9) How are we different from other mobile prepaid providers?
Tron has the longest validity period giving you 365 days connectivity with a minimum reload of RM10.
B) Tron talktime
1) What is Tron talktime?
Tron talktime is the credit available in your Tron SIM card for Voice, SMS, MMS and Data.
2) How long is Tron talktime valid for? What is the account life cycle?
Tron talktime is valid for 365 days.

The active period upon first call is 365 days. If user performs any reload activity, the validity date shall commence from the reload day until 365 days for all denominations (RM10.00, RM30.00, RM50.00 and RM100.00). For example, user activates the SIM card on 1st Jan, 2014, the expiry date will be on 31st Dec, 2014. However, if the user reloads on 5th Jan, 2014, the expiry date will be on 4th Jan, 2015.
3) When does my Tron talktime expire? What is the account life cycle?
The expiry details are shown in the following Account Life Cycle chart:
  • i. Active period upon first call or reload.
  • ii. You will receive a SMS reminder SEVEN (7) days prior to the expiry date. You will need to reload in order to stay active.
  • iii. Your account will be suspended for NINETY (90) days after your talktime validity expires (R1-R2). However you are still able to receive incoming calls, SMS and MMS.
  • iv. You will receive another SMS reminder SEVEN (7) days prior to account termination. If you fail to reload during this suspended period, your account will be terminated.
4) What are the denomination available for Tron talktime?
The denominations that is available for Tron talktime is RM10.00, RM30.00, RM50.00 and RM100.00.
5) Where can I purchase Tron talktime?
Visit here to find out where you can purchase Tron talktime or alternatively visit our dealers who are ready to assist you
6) How do I reload my Tron talktime using reload card or through online reload?
i. Reload Card:
  • Option 1 – Key in *123*# , then press call or send
  • Option 2 – Call 014 669 9999 from your Tron mobile and follow the instructions given.
  • Option 3 – UMB Reload:
    Step 1: Key in *129# and press call or send
    Step 2: Select for reload
    Step 3: Enter voucher number and press call or send

ii. Reload Online: Please click here for more info.
7) How do I reload Tron talktime using reload card or via online to other Tron numbers?
i. Reload Card:
    • Option 1 – Key in *123*<coupon number>*<recipient number >#, then press call or send
    • Option 2 – UMB Reload:
      • Step 1: Key in *129# and press call or send
      • Step 2: Select 2 for reload
      • Step 3: Enter voucher number and press call or send
      • Step 4: Choose 2 for other account and press call or send
      • Step 5: Enter receiver number and press call or send

ii. Reload Online: Please click here for more info.
8) How do I check my Tron talktime credit balance?
Key in *129*1*2# and press call or send.
9) Can I transfer Tron talktime to a non Tron subscriber?
No, talktime transfer is only applicable for Tron subscribers.
10) How do I perform a Tron talktime transfer?
Via UMB Menu
Step 1: Dial *129# and press call or send
Step 2: Select 5 and press reply
Step 3: Select the amount to be transferred
Step 4: Enter recipient’s mobile number
Step 5: Press 1 to confirm
11) Is there a maximum transfer of Tron talktime amount? If yes, are there any charges for it?
Yes, the maximum is RM30.00 per month with RM0.25 services charge fee to both parties per transfer. But you must have a minimum balance of RM10.00 in your active account after the transfer.
12) If the receiver have insufficient credits, can they receive the talktime transfer?
No, due to RM0.25 services charge fee applies for both parties per transfer.
13) What is Advance talktime?
Advance talktime is a service that allows Tron subscribers to borrow talktime credit from Tron.
14) How do I subscriber to Advance talktime?
Subscribe to Advance talktime by performing the below steps:-
Step 1: Dial *129# from your mobile phone and choose number 5: Talktime transfer
Step 2: Choose number 2: Advance talktime
Step 3: Select number 1 to Advance talktime service
Step 4: Select 1 to confirm Advance talktime
Step 5: You will receive a push message shows that your request is in progress
15) Can I use Advance talktime if I have absolutely no credit (RM0.00)?
No,your balance must be within RM0.01 to RM2.00.
16) How long do I have to be a Tron subscriber before I can use Advance talktime?
You have to be a Tron subscriber for more than SIX (6) months (from the day of first call activation) before you can use this service.
17) How many times can I use Advance talktime?
Advance talktime is only available once between each reload.
18) A friend transferred credit to me via Talktime transfer. Can I use it to pay for the credit I borrowed via Advance talktime?
No,you will have to reload your account to pay for the credit that you have borrowed.
19) Is there a monthly charge for using Advance talktime?
No,there is no monthly charge for using Advance talktime.However,RM0.50 will be deducted for each successful transaction.
C) Call and Data Rates
1) What are the basic rate for Tron?
Voice: 20 cents/Minute
SMS: 10 cents/SMS
MMS: 30 cents /MMS
Data: 10 cents /MB
2) What is the charging block for voice call?
It is based on 60 seconds charging block.
3) Does Tron have International Direct Dial (IDD)?
Yes, please refer to here
4) What is IDD charging Block?
Based on 30 seconds charging block.
5) What is IDD SMS Rate?
6) What is MMS IDD rate?
7) Does Tron have International Roaming services?
Not at the moment, however you can receive international calls and international SMS if you are in Malaysia.
8) What is Tron Internet?
Tron Internet is a data subscription service that offer SIX (6) types of data packages.
9) Who can enjoy Tron Internet packages?
All Tron subscribers can enjoy Tron Internet packages provided the subscriber is active and have sufficient talktime balance.
10) What are the packages being offered by Tron Internet?
We are offering Tron Internet packages as per below:-
i) Tron Monthly Data 2.4GB @ RM68
ii) Tron Monthly Data 1.2GB @ RM35
iii) Tron Monthly Data 600MB @ RM18
iv) Tron Monthly Data 200MB @ RM10
v) Tron Weekly Data 150MB @ RM5
vi) Tron Daily Data 30MB @ RM1
11) How to subscribe Tron Internet package?
Step 1: Dial *129#
Step 2: Choose option 3 Tron Internet
Step 3: Select your desired package
Step 4: Select 1 to Subscribe
Step 5: Success (received SMS notification from 2901)
12) How to unsubscribe Tron Internet package?
Step 1: Dial *129#
Step 2: Choose option 3 Tron Internet
Step 3: Select your previous internet subscription package
Step 4: Select 1 to unsubscribe
Step 5: Select 1 to confirm
Step 6: Success (received SMS notification from 2901)
13) How do I check my Internet subscription package?
Key in *129*1*3# and press call or send.
14) What is Pay As You Use (PAYU) on the Internet data connection?
The PAYU Internet data connection is part of the service as a default, if you are using any service which requires data connection, you will be charged accordingly as ‘Pay As You Use’ of RM0.10/MB, conditions as stated in the Subscriber Terms & Conditions (Clause 5.10). If you wish to disable this function, you may call our Customer Careline (1300 800 188) or disable it via your phone settings.
15) What is Tron Internet speed?
Tron Internet speed is based on 3G speed.
16) What are the requirements to enjoy Tron Internet package?
To enjoy Tron Internet, you need to make sure your device is GPRS or 3G enabled.
17) Who should I call for enquires on Internet settings for my device?
Please call Tron customer service at 1300 800 188 for enquiries and support.
18) Is Tron Internet package an auto renewal service?
The packages are auto-renewed until you have submitted a termination request via *129# (UMB) code.
19) How will my subscription be automatically renewed?
i) Tron Monthly Data: Your next renewal will be charged at 11.59PM monthly, in regards to any time of your subscription.
ii) Tron Weekly Data: Your next renewal will be charged at 11.59PM weekly, in regards to any time of your subscription.
iii) Tron Daily Data: Your next renewal will be charged at 11.59PM daily, in regards to any time of your subscription.
20) What happen to my data connection, if I have fully met (100% usage) or exceeded my data usage?
Your data speed will be throttle or reduce to minimum.
21) Is there any charges if my data usage has exceeded?
There is no extra charges incurred when your data usage has exceeded.
22) Can I subscribe to more than ONE (1) Tron Internet packages?
No, you can only subscribe to ONE (1) data package.
23) I have subscribed to Tron Internet package and fully-utilise the quota before next renewal date. Can I re-subscribe the package in order to enjoy the same speed?
Yes, you can. You have to unsubscribed from current package and re-subscribe it. The renewal date will be calculated from the day you re-subscribe the new package.
24) When can I unsubscribe from Tron Internet package?
You can unsubscribe from Tron Internet package anytime. However, the unutilized quota will be forfeited.
25) Can I continue surfing or browsing while my prepaid balance is RM0.00?
No, you cannot surf or browse on your mobile if your prepaid balance is RM0.00. The minimum balance you need to continue surfing is RM1.00.
26) How am I being notified on Tron Internet activity?
You will receive SMS notification for the following activities:
i) Tron Internet package is subscribed and/or unsubscribed.
ii) You will be notified on data quota utilization reaches 50%. Speed after 100% will be reduced.
iii) You will be notified on data quota utilization reaches 100%. Speed will be reduced until next renewal.
iv) You will be notified two (2) days before your next renewal date except Tron PAYU Data and Tron Daily Data.
v) You will be notified when your package is renewed or charged.
27) Is the SMS notification being send in real-time?
Yes, the SMS notification is send in real-time.
28) Is SMS notification free?
Yes, all SMS notification is free.
29) I do not want to receive SMS notification. How do I cancel them?
The SMS notification cannot be cancelled as it is part of the service.
30) If I do not have enough credit balance for next renewal, will my subscription be auto-terminated?
No, your subscription will not be auto-terminated.
D) Tron Account
1) How do I activate Tron Account account for the first time?
Please click here for more info.
2) What if I forgot my password?
Step 1: Visit and click Forgot Your Password.
Step 2: Enter your mobile number and select email or SMS.
Step 3: Key in the captcha code and click Submit.
Step 4: Then you will receive the temporary password from your email or SMS.
Step 5: Update your new password in your profile.
3) What is multiple account sign-in?
If you have more than one Tron numbers and have registered with Tron Account, you can use multiple sign-in to switch between accounts without having to sign out and back in again. You will only need to key in your password when you switch between accounts.
4) Does Tron save my Tron number and password?
Tron does not save your Tron number and password. Your Tron number is stored within the same browser (like Chrome or Firefox) cookie and once you have deleted your browser cookie, you will need to key in your Tron number again.
E) Family and Friends
1) How do I add numbers into my Family and Friends list?
You can add up to 12 Tron numbers and 3 non Tron numbers into your list. To register, please follow the instructions below:
Step 1: Key in *129# and press call or send
Step 2: Select 4 for Family and Friends
Step 3: Select for (Tron numbers) or select for (non Tron numbers)
Step 4: Select 88 to add number
Step 5: Key in mobile number (e.g. 01xxxxxxxxx)
2) Can I change the numbers in my Family and Friends list? If yes, what are the charges?
Yes, you are allowed to have 5 free complimentary changes – 4 Tron numbers and 1 non Tron number. Any subsequent change of numbers will be charged at RM2.00 each.
3) How do I remove the numbers on my Family and Friends list?
Follow the instructions below:
Step 1: Key in *129# and press call or send
Step 2: Select 4 for Family and Friends
Step 3: Select 1 for (Tron numbers) or select 2 for (non Tron numbers)
Step 4: Select phone number
Step 5: Select 1 to delete
F) Mobile Number Portability (MNP)
1) What is MNP?
Mobile Number portability (MNP) is the ability for mobile subscriber to switch to a new mobile service provider, while retaining their existing mobile number.
2) How can I port over to Tron? Is there any charges incurred?
Step 1: Visit Tron dealers to request for MNP
Step 2: Fill in the registration form
Step 3: Subscriber will need to pay RM10 for admin fees and RM9 for a new Tron SIM Card
Step 4: You can begin using the new SIM card after 2 hours
3) What is the porting duration?
It will take a minimum of 2 hours and maximum 2 working days.
4) Which mobile operators are eligible to port over to Tron?
All mobile operators are able to port over to Tron.
5) What are the terms and conditions to port over to Tron?
i. You must be aged 12 or above.
ii. You must have MyKad/Army ID/Passport or old I.C for verification.
iii. You must settled all the outstanding/overdue payments with your current mobile service provider.
iv. You are not tied to any contract with your current mobile service provider.
v. Your current mobile line is still active.
vi. You are not blacklisted by any mobile service provider.
6) Who should I call for any enquires on MNP?
Please call the Tron customer service at 1300 800 188 for enquiries and support.
G) Account and Settings
1) What is PUK?
PUK stands for PIN Unlocked Key and it is used to unblock your SIM card after you have keyed the wrong PIN code 3 times on your mobile. Each SIM card has a unique PUK that is assigned to it.Warning: Do not try and guess your PUK code. If you enter it wrong 10 times, the SIM card will be permanently locked and a new SIM card is needed, the number will be remain the same.
2) How can I retrieve my PUK?
The PUK is printed on the SIM card frame. Alternatively you can also contact our customer service for help.
3) How do I view my current bill with transaction details?
Step 1: Login to Tron Account
Step 2: Click on the Navigation Menu and select Lite SIM
Step 3: Click on Statement
Please note that e-Billing is updated on a daily basis.
4) Can I view itemized bills for previous months?
Yes, up to 3 months usage.
5) Can I receive my bill through mail?
No, Tron does not practice mailing any hard copy bills to our subscribers. Please login to Tron Account to view your bills.
H) Loss & Damages
1) What do I do if my SIM card is lost or damaged?
Please contact 1300 800 188 and report your lost SIM card. This will suspend your mobile services and prevent any loss of your Tron talktime.
2) How can I replace my lost or damaged SIM card?
For a fee of RM10, you can get a SIM replacement at Tron dealers.
3) Does Tron have courier services for replace lost or damaged SIM card?
Yes, we do provide.
4) Can I retrieve lost/damaged data from my SIM card?
Unfortunately not. Please backup your SIM data regularly to prevent any data loss.
I) Delivery
1) How much is the delivery charges for purchases made online via Get New SIM?
Lite SIM provides FREE shipping charges for purchase of Tron product with a total purchased value of RM300.00 in a single transaction. Currently, this service is only available in Malaysia and Singapore and it is shipped via GDex Express (Cost incl. 6% tax):
Klang Valley MYR18.00
Peninsular Malaysia MYR21.00
Sabah & Sarawak MYR29.00
Singapore MYR32.00
2) Will the Lite SIM Starter Pack be delivered to my home/office address? Will I be notified by the courier?
Yes. It will be delivered to the address stated on your delivery details. You will have to provide a valid and updated contact number so that you could be reach at all times. If the delivery fails to contact you, they will notify Tron Customer Service to assist in contacting you. Please do not provide PO Box address to avoid non-delivery.
3) Once my order is confirmed, how long is the delivery?
Generally the order will be delivered within 5 working days. We will notify you by email as soon as we deliver your order.
4) How long does it takes for my Lite SIM Starter Pack to arrive?
The delivery time for your order is the period of time from when your order is confirmed until the time you receive it. It is separated into two parts: the processing time and the delivery time. Processing time: Once your order is confirmed, the total processing time generally is 1-3 working days for items delivered from Tron warehouse. Processing time includes selecting items, quality control and packaging. Delivery time: This is the time from when the parcel leaves our warehouse until it arrives at your designated destination. The appointed delivery agent will take 1- 2 days to deliver to your doorstep. In metro areas: up to 5 business working days Non metro areas & Singapore: up to 8 business working days In rare instances, delivery may be delayed in the event of service
5) I just received my Lite SIM Starter pack, how do I activate it?
Upon delivery of product to you, you are required to make First Call Activation in Malaysia to activate the SIM Card within 90 days (3 months) from the day of receiving the product.
6) Damaged or Missing Items
You are required to make a report to us on damaged or missing item(s) in your package within 24 hours upon receipt of the package. Any complaints for damaged or missing items after the 24 hours’ time frame will not be entertained. Delivery agent will only cover the value of the goods as declared on the shipping invoice if the package is missing or damaged by the shipping agency during the transporting of your goods.
J) Miscellaneous
1) Can I transfer my Tron SIM to another person?
No, unfortunately all Tron numbers are not allowed to perform change of ownership.
2) Can I reactivate the SIM if it had been terminated?
No, the terminated number has already fell into recycle list and cannot be taken back until next recycle batch.
3) How do I activate my Tron SIM card for the first time?
By making a first call activation from your phone to any valid number.
4) How do I check my Tron number?
Key in *129*1*1# and press call or send.
5) Can I deactivate my Voicemail and Missed Call Activation (MCA) with Tron? If yes, how do I perform this?
Yes, both can be deactivated by performing the below steps:
Step 1: Key in *129# and press call or send
Step 2: Select 6 for Mobile Services.
Step 3: Select 3 for Voicemail.
Step 4: Select for Service & Package.
Step 5: You may select the service that you decide to deactivate or remain.
Step 6: Select to Confirm.
6) My phone screen displays ‘SIM registration failed or SIM card error or Insert SIM’? What can I do?
Please execute the below troubleshooting tips:
i. Remove and reinsert SIM card into your phone
ii. Insert SIM card in other phones
iii. If the same error still occurs,visit our Tron dealers to get a SIM card replacement
7) How do I change my SIM card to Micro or Nano card?
Visit Tron dealers to replace your SIM card.
8) Will there be any charges if I change my SIM to Micro or Nano SIM?
Yes, for micro SIM is RM10 and for nano SIM is RM25

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