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Are you a caller or a messenger? Whichever your preference, stay in touch with everyone you know at these attractive rates.

How to be a Tronian

Tron 2 Tron

Enjoy cheaper call rates between Tron

Voice Duration Tron 2 Tron
First 250 minutes (Monthly) FREE Promotion!
Subsequent minutes 10 cents / Minutes
SMS 7 cents / SMS

Save more with Family and Friends

Who are the 15 people you spend the most time talking to? Link them to your list of Tron’s Family and Friends and enjoy lower rates.

Voice – Family & Friends  Duration Tron 2 Tron (12 numbers) Tron to Other Networks (3 numbers)
First 250 minutes (Monthly) FREE Promotion! 16 cents / Minute
Subsequent minutes 8 cents / Minute 16 cents / Minute
SMS – Family & Friends 5 cents / SMS 8 cents / SMS
MMS – Family & Friends 20 cents / MMS 27 cents / MMS

Surf with Tron Data Plan

No matter where you go, stay connected and browse online with these affordable plans. What’s more, there’ll be no extra charges if you exceed your usage.

Price Qouta
Daily RM1 30MB
Weekly RM5 150MB
Monthly RM10 300MB
RM18 600MB
RM25 1.0GB
RM35 1.5GB
RM49 Promotion! 3.0GB
RM68 4.0GB

Data Quota Top Up

Exceeded your internet quota? You can now purchase additional data volume at the best price!

Amount Quota Validity
RM3 100MB 1 day
RM6 200MB 3 days
RM9 300MB 5 days
RM15 500MB 7 days

IDD SMS & MMS rate

Tron IDD rates lets you make international calls at lower rates, so you can save and spend more on the things you love.
IDD MMS Rate: RM1.50 / MMS
IDD SMS Rate: RM0.50 / SMS

Check your IDD rate by selecting the country